We are James and Rochelle, co-owners of Howling Wolf Coffee.

James developed a love of coffee as a teenager, which later evolved into him working as a barista in various coffee shops in his teens and early twenties. James met Rochelle when she was working in a coffee shop in Bristol. Our first date was over a cup of coffee. Now we may be business partners, but we’re also partners in life, and in 2016 we decided to pack in our comfy day jobs and buy one-way tickets to the southern hemisphere. Namely Australia, South East Asia, and New Zealand.


In 2017, when James was establishing himself as a yoga teacher in Sydney, he stumbled across a big warehouse / fire station which operated as a yoga studio and a café, and from there, the seeds of Howling Wolf Coffee were sewn.

Over the next year (in between our many travelling adventures), the idea evolved. After spending some time in a café in Central Auckland with our good mate Fred and weighing up options of James re-training, and Rochelle looking into a photography career, we decided it was time to take that little idea of a yoga studio and café more seriously. Then we had to figure out how to get from being over the other side of the world, to back home and formulating our dream in to reality.

When we returned to East Devon in 2018, we threw ourselves into getting set up. We decided to start out small, and what better way to do that than with a super cool mobile coffee trailer?!

We’re here to serve you your tasty caffeine fix, in an ethical, local, and friendly way. So come check us out, why don’t you?!