Have us rent free at your event! Provide more than 75 guests and it won’t cost you a thing, we’ll just rock up for free and provide your guests with tasty coffees at their standard price. For our rates on events with fewer than 75 guests, or if you’d prefer not to have your guests pay us directly then contact us below.

We cater for all events: Festivals, Weddings, Sporting Events, Exhibitions, BBQ’s, Parties, Fetes, Jumble Sales, Markets, you name it, as long as there are thirsty people in need of a caffeine fix, we’re there! Our trailer is self-sufficient as it runs off of batteries & gas, which means we can trade pretty much anywhere – at off-the-grid/remote locations, so there is no need to worry about providing external power sources.

‘…We hired Howling Wolf for three hours, and they were awesome. They did all the important stuff – showed up on time, communicated well and served with a smile, but they went a step extra too. I think every single one of our 85 guests enjoyed a hot drink, and we are still receiving delighted reports of how well Howling Wolf dealt with queue management, how personable they were, and most importantly, how delicious their drinks were…’ – Mr & Dr Winter

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For events more than 30 miles from Colyford, Devon we charge a fee of £25 to cover travel costs. For events in excess of 35 miles from Colyford, we charge £25 + £5 per 10 additional miles travelled.

To get the ball rolling, enquire below: